Busy day with a bow tie

September 15, 2017

It was a busy day today. You know as a mother you have to prepare everything for you children at the first place. And only after that you also need to do something for yourself - and for me that something is my English lessons.

After my course I need to do same shopping and then go to pick up my children at school. It is hot day so we can not miss our refreshing ice cream. And during all that there is still space to feel special and original everywhere I go with my todays outfit - I wear jeans, laight blue shirt and polka dot ladies bow tie. And I feel great when people look at me and say: "Nice bow tie. I like it!"

Another strong feeling it about being truly original. Nobody is wearing the same. Women usually choose a scarf or some jewellery. But bow tie is perfect choice and you can enjoy the moment that you are just the one who wears it.


                                                   After school with my children 

                                                     English lesson - be focused :-)


                                                                   At classroom  

                                                       another way - with a jacket


                                               At morning - I'm ready for my day :-) 

                                     with jacket - it will be perfect for Autumns days 

                                                            Driving with bow tie :-)


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