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December 19, 2017

Today I want to tell you how you can personalize your style with our necktie. Our customers very much appreciate it because it is just nice to have something made just for you.
How we do it? The answer is simple. We add little handmade touch.
Our etiquettes are hand-printed in England and we designed it in the way that we can add some personalized printing to it. So we can print the name of a future owner on each of our product. The feedback is that our customers love it. It is also great when you want personalized gift for somebody special.
And what are the information that you can find on etiquette? At first, we print the SKU number of the collection together with the serial number of the product. It looks like HNM6 3/21. HNM6 is SKU and 3/21 means that this is the third product out of 21pieces in the limited HNM6 collection. And then if you wish we add the dedication you specify.
So next time you are ordering your new tie, you just need to put in your order that you choose Handprinted Labels - specified dedication, first name or initials. You just have to be sure that it will fit in 15 letters. It can be anything like FOR NELA, FOR ANNA, FOR MY LOVE or I LOVE YOU, ANN etc ...
Once we receive your order, Iveta or I will print this dedication on your next bow tie or necktie.
And how it looks in real? See the hand-printing process on photos:


1. Orange floral pre-tied bow tie personalized FOR MICHAELA from Florida

2. Polka dot necktie personalized FOR MARLENE from Germany

 3. Painterly floral pre-tied bow tie personalized FOR TEREZA from California


 And this little one can fly to his next owner, Thanks TEREZA :-)




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