New bow ties arrived!

January 29, 2018



We are introducing our limited unisex Hobby collection

Yes, we are here with our new unisex collection. It is inspired by our customers who wished to have chance to buy our bow ties also for their beloved husbands, partners, brothers or friends. 
As always we wanted to merge interesting theme and quality craftsmanship.
The theme is hobby, mainly sports. Our interests are very important for our inner ballance and we thougt that it could be fun to express this also with your accessory. It simply will show, what you like in your life.

Quality craftsmanship is our stantdard, this time, we have chosen lovely patterns from young designers and had them custom printed on cotton fabric. This was produced by specialized company in Berlin.

This collection is small and limited so be quick to get your favorit :-)


"Football-fan" bow tie - Do you like American football? Are you a fan? What about showing your love in your workday by adding this perfect accessory to your outfit. Be the sports fan whole day on every occasion. Because fans deserve the best!

"Tennis" bow tie - Tennis is the white queen of sports. And tennis accessories must be truly perfect as this sport is. So we choose this pattern and we have created perfect bow tie for Tennis fans and lovers. Show your love:-).

"Golf" bow tie - What are you doing this weekend? You know, I will go play golf. How is it possible that you look so happy every day ? Because  every day at morning I'm on green and it's perfect! Golf players are passionate and committed to their game and they can now show their love by wearing this bow tie. This one is the stylish accessory in big golf style. What do you think?


"Bike-fan" bow tie - not just for cycling fans but for everyone who loves original pattern and style for their accessory. Bikes are cool, bikes are fun and we love biking and now we can wear them the whole day. So why not?

"Binary "bow tie - I'm working in IT. I love new technologies. Everything and also our future is about technologies. I like to play PC games..... How often we have met people with this view and attitude. Maybe you are one of them. Show your opinion in a simple way. Choose this perfect bow tie with pattern inspired by future!  

"Fishing" bow tie" - Do you know when I relax perfectly? 
Are you a fishing fan or is in your family or among your friends a passionate fisherman? Give him this perfect handmade bow tie which will show his passion. Choose this Fishing bow tie!





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